Unfriend You - Greyson Chance

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Unfriend You

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1. I really thought you were the one
It was over before it begun
It's so hard for me to walk away
But I know I can't stay.

You're beautiful and crazy too
Baby, that's why I fell into you
Even though you would pretend to be
You were never with me.

So it's over, yeah we're through
So I'mma unfriend you
You're the best liar I ever knew
So I'mma unfriend you.

'Cause I should have known
Right from the start
I'm deleting you right from my heart
Yeah, it's over
My last move is to unfriend you.

2. I thought in time that you could change
That my time and love would heal the pain
And I didn't want this day to come
But now all I feel is numb.


You come on to everybody
Everybody all the time
You give up to anybody
What I thought was only mine.


* So I'mma unfriend you
So I'mma unfriend you.

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