Mad World - Hardwell; Jake Reese

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Mad World

Đóng góp: hero022086

1. Sometimes it feels like my life's a battle
And I think I'm losing my mind
When all that surrounds me is made of shadows.

If I'm just a lost soul that's made of paper
But your touch can color the white
And bring back the beauty into my life.

‘Cause it's a mad world but it's crazy
Crazy how you make the bad turn to amazing
And I don't want to lose this now
I don't want to lose this now No
I don't want to lose this now
‘Cause it's a mad world.

2. Were both strangers finding our way together
Like two lights that dance through the dark We shine bright and fade out into forever
When I'm trying to hold back the way I'm feeling
But you make me come back to life
Yeah, you've got me going insane tonight.


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