In A Better Place - Mew

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In A Better Place

  • Ca sĩ: Mew
  • Năm phát hành: 2017
Đóng góp: hoanggiang201166

Some are those we never see
Some with me
Otherwise with you
And we don't hear when they speak
Trustingly, with no parachute
A celestial address
This is me
Oh I hope so
But it really is a mess, honestly
As better places go.

Oh I can't remember when last I slept
For when it comes, it stays
But that I know that we shall find happiness
In a better place
And what are you dressed as?
I'm a racecar, see?
I'll get us there fast
Until death occurs
Better hope this will last
We drove through the night
And hey, I was sad it passed
Eight shady stations played us
At last.

I am closing my eyes just when I'm supposed to
I am closing my eyes just when I'm supposed to.

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